3 day Static Observation Platforms course:

Subjects covered:

Phase 1: Surveillance Photography Skills

  • Camera settings & Operating modes
  • Positioning & Hold
  • Accessories & Equipment
  • Telephoto Lenses
  • Remote Operations
  • Low Light Deployment Tactics
  • Infrared Photography

Phase 2: Operating from Buildings

  • Reconnaissance and Planning
  • Method of Entry
  • Movement and Hazards
  • Communications
  • Construction of Urban Hides
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Deployment of Technical Devices
  • Realistic Exercises

Phase 3: Operating from Vehicles

  • Reconnaissance and Planning
  • Types of Vehicles
  • Insertion & Extraction
  • Communications
  • Defendable Space & Dead Ground
  • Positioning and Tactics
  • Construction of Vehicle Hides
  • Realistic Exercises

This is a must course for anyone thinking about, or who has recently finished a foot & mobile surveillance course, our three day training course teaches you the most valuable aspect of any urban surveillance operation. In real time situations your subject may not leave their property for your entire time on task, this rendering your foot & mobile skills useless, without the skills and knowledge taught on this course you could become compromised very quickly when in a static location for long periods!

It would seem that other surveillance training providers concentrate only on the tactics used to follow your subject, be it on foot or mobile in a vehicle. But what happens when the subject has been housed, and the reality of surveillance begins. After all, the fundamental part of all surveillance is the continuous observation. You may have gained the knowledge to follow your subject, but now you lack the skills to stay covert, in a static location for what could be an extended period of time. This three day course contains the missing syllabus from all foot & mobile courses on today’s market.

Course dates 2018:

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3 Day Static Observation Platforms Course Administration:

3 day Static Observation Platforms Course: Course Cost: £680 + VAT – Total course cost: £816

A deposit of £400 is required to secure your place on the course (click ‘add to cart’) with full payment 2 weeks before course start date.

3 Day Static Observation Platforms Course at Crops UK training center
Static observation hide at Crops UK training center for3 Day Static Observation Platforms Course
Static observation in car training at Crops UK training center for 3 Day Static Observation Platforms Course

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