7 Day - OFQUAL approved Level 4 Professional Award in Covert Urban Surveillance Operations

Subjects covered:

  • Introduction to urban surveillance operations
  • Surveillance communications and radio procedures
  • Triggers and the Pick-up
  • Intelligent Ground Preparation (IGP)
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Vehicle hide construction
  • Basic filming and manoeuvre
  • Observation Logging & Timely Reporting
  • Foot surveillance drills and tactics
  • Situational awareness within a built up area
  • Mobile surveillance drills and tactics
  • Situational awareness when on mobile follows
  • Third party counter-detection
  • Architecture / Defendable space / Magic box
  • Deployment and operational use of technical surveillance devices
  • Law and Legal issues when conducting surveillance
  • Practical training exercises

In the past, students who have completed this 7 day Covert Urban Surveillance Operations Course have progressed onto the 7 day level 4 covert rural surveillance course which gives them a much rounded skill set.

CROPS have taken the time to develop the only OFQUAL approved Level 4  Covert Urban Surveillance Operations Course within the United Kingdom which meets all the requirements of today’s surveillance operative.

With modern surveillance operations moving at a rapid pace in the urban environment due to modern advances in technology, we have had to re-address the tactics currently taught by others in order to deliver the most up to date and compressive commercially ready course.

Our instructors conduct over 250hrs of live surveillance every month, by rotating through live operations and training, is what gives us the edge. With this on the ground knowledge and everyday working practise you will be taught the realities of surveillance.

People will say surveillance should never be conducted alone, and although this is correct, in real time (commercial) situations working within a larger team is all too often NOT the case.

Our training ‘aims’ are to ensure each student has the capability to operate alone, they must be able to covertly follow their subject by vehicle and on foot, be able to think proactively and position themselves in order to gather filmed evidence, and conduct covert surveillance in a safe and controlled manner which is none-alarming to the local population.

Over the seven day period, students on the Covert Urban Surveillance Operations Course will progress through basic and intermediate foot and mobile surveillance skills giving a solid platform and understanding in this discipline.

Moving onto the creation of vehicle hides and gathering filmed evidence, learning how to read local architecture and how this effects your surveillance operation. Identifying dead-ground in order to position vehicles correctly, covering two subject taught on no other course, these begin the targets ’Magic Box’ and understanding what is ’Defendable space’.

You will receive full training in the deployment tactics used when tracking a vehicle via technical GPS means, this will be conducted in real time and practised while mobile, as well as technical tracking devices we will introduce the deployment of covert camera systems concealed within vehicles which are to be used as triggers.

The week finalises in a realistic surveillance operational exercise, here students have a full array of technical equipment at hand to support their new found personal skills and drills.

Course dates 2017:


DEC 4TH – 10TH

Course dates 2018:


FEB 5TH – 11TH

MAR 12TH – 18TH


MAY 7TH – 13TH

JUN 4TH – 10TH


AUG 6TH – 12TH



NOV 5TH – 11TH


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 Download booking form

Covert Urban Surveillance Operations Course Administration:

Level 4 OFQUAL approved Covert Urban Surveillance Operations Course Cost:

£1500.00 + £45 exam fee + VAT – Total course cost £1854.00.

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A deposit of £700 is required to secure your place on the course (click ‘add to cart’) with full payment 2 weeks before course start date.

Urban surveillance motorway on Crops UK Covert Urban Surveillance Operations Course
Map reading on Crops UK Covert Urban Surveillance Operations Course
Urban surveillance training on CROPS Covert Urban Surveillance Operations Course

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