“The minute you walk into the training school you know you made the right choice”

TN Serving Military

“Makes a real difference to have a custom facility rather than using hotel or conference centre, fully kitted out facility means everything is to hand”

SB Government department

“Having completed a camera construction course with another training provider I was intrigued to see what was different about the CROPS course. In short, all of it and would recommend this to everyone!”

MB Private surveillance officer

“Covert rural surveillance course is very well structured and everybody within the industry will learn something”

JB private surveillance office

“Camera construction course was fantastic, as was the fully equipped work shop facility”

PS Serving Military (overseas)

“Great delivery of instruction and even the power points were refreshing, up to date and very visually pleasing”

JM Government department

“Obviously very experienced in operations and non-judgemental, took into account the level of all students involved”

PR unit surveillance office

“The course was exactly as described and fulfilled the training requirements that will now allow me to conduct my job”

GT Government department

“10 day Covert rural surveillance, WOW what an eye opener”

DL Police office (overseas)

“This was my second course with CROPS and have already booked my third”

BF Military lever

“Static platforms course really is the missing syllabus as I found out first hand, great training well done on a very informative course”

SJ Military lever


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