Covert Discreet GPS Tracking ops

CROPS have invested heavily in our Technical Discreet GPS tracking systems which are all GSM assisted for greater mission effectiveness. Our operational teams are deploying these devices every night of the week, because of this we need to be confident in our equipment and the user.

Operating a secure server which hosts its own uninterrupted power supply which means even in the case of a major power loss to the national grid, our server and more importantly your operational data will not be affected.

Our discreet GPS tracking devices will function in 220 countries around the world, using specially ‘over written’ mapping in conjunction with goggle street view to aid the user in ground intelligence when deployed operationally or in the recovery of a stolen item.

Having the ability to send live positioning every 5 seconds which can be monitored on our user friendly internet based tracking panel, this panel will allow you access to all the required settings. Such as, Geo-fencing locations, motion detection alarms via SMS text alerts, speed and distance travelled to list only a few features.

Covert Discreet GPS Tracking Services:

Option one:

The rental of our equipment on a weekly basis, which can be a very cost effective method of operations.

Option two:

The purchasing of our devices.

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