Manned Surveillance Operations

CROPS only employ experienced surveillance operatives in our manned surveillance teams, these teams are all fully equipped to deploy on any task anywhere in the country, or overseas for extended periods. With their backgrounds we have complete faith in proactive approach to chive any task asked of them, we will never operate in less than a surveillance pair, this offers team members support and reassurance and also ensures the client receives the best results possible.

With our comprehensive manned surveillance stores, and technical support, we can ensure our teams are carrying the correct equipment for the task in hand.

Operating from specially converted mobile platforms which offer sustainability throughout their time on the ground, or via a carefully selected concealed location within the rural environment, navigating across the countryside unseen while monitoring and recording covert footage by day or night using state-of-the-art optical equipment.

Items carried by all CROPS manned surveillance teams

  • HD Video cameras with lens zoom extenders
  • Professional quality Digital SLR cameras with Telephoto lenses
  • Image intensifying equipment for low-light filming situations
  • Covert infrared Digital SLR cameras for reconnaissance
  • Various covert camera systems and lenses
  • Portable ruggedized editing equipment (client copy on site)
  • Portable ruggedized internet capabilities (live feed)
  • Secure radio communications
  • Rural & Urban hide concealment kits (short & long term)

We have the ability to film, edit and produce a product ready for you the client while on prolonged tasks, this provides a rapid turn-around keeping your interests at the fore front of operational effectiveness. Forward thinking by us to provide our clients the best.

If you feel that your business would benefit with the deployment of our surveillance teams please contact us for a confidential discussion.


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