Special Surveillance Projects

CROPS are very lucky to have close ties within a small specialist community, this enables us to offer some very high-tech surveillance projects platforms, and standalone equipment which is not openly available to most.

We have the capability to manufacture technical equipment to a standard used by Government and Tier 1 departments.

If you have a specialist requirement, but can’t source the item, maybe we can help, for a confidential discussion about your requirements, please contact us.

 Example Special Surveillance Projects:

  • GPRS/GSM remote monitoring via ground sensors in order to safe guard high value equipment deployed on the ground, or to protect personal on the ground. This being provided by our Remote Area Tagging System (RATS) which can be deployed with a number of different sensors to totally contain large areas of ground, for example compounds and dwellings.
  •  Mobile surveillance projects platforms concealed within a number of vehicle types, these being ‘see-through’ where the vehicle appears to be no different to the day it was purchased, with all the surveillance equipment conceal within and being remotely operated.

On our closed application will allow a deployed team to stay in place and react to events as they evolve, both solutions are task dependent.

  • Bespoke GPRS tracking devices concealed in all manner of items, all designed with a covert application in mind. With our operational teams deploying these devices every night of the week, we have become well-rehearsed in what makes for a good, stable tracking device.


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