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Surveillance Training Company CROPS®

Surveillance Training Company Specialising in Intelligence Gathering & Close Reconnaissance


About Surveillance Training Company CROPS®

CROP Surveillance Ltd is the UK’s lead provider of Covert Surveillance Training, Intelligence Gathering and Close Reconnaissance Techniques, Systems and Solutions to a Global client base, providing Services and Products to Defence, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies only.

As an innovative Surveillance Training Company our syllabus is unique to today’s Operational methods and techniques, we are fully committed to the Research and Development of new training solutions.

Since 2011 we have specialised in the delivery of the most comprehensive Conventional and Non-conventional Covert Surveillance, Intelligence Gathering and Close Reconnaissance packages.

Our range of customised Training Solutions are evolving constantly in line with client and customer needs, and our courses are designed so that skills learned enhance and develop the client’s capabilities and can be transferred effectively to the complexed Operational Environment.

CROPS® Provides Global Training:

As a Surveillance Training Company with proven Global Capabilities, we deliver Specialist Training Programs around the world at our client’s location, and as our reputation of excellence grows, so does our Global footprint.

We understand that sometimes our overseas clients have personal development requirements that need bespoke course design, our courses can be modified and adjusted to ensure that they meet the client’s requirements and their operational environment.

These overseas programs can and do last for many years as we support and mentor our clients through their Specialist Training development, and if required we can enhance the program with more advanced skills within the covert spectrum

CROPS® Employment Policy:

With a strict recruitment policy, we will only employ and utilise the unique skills of former Military, Police and Government personnel from specialist backgrounds. Our Instructors are experts in their fields and individually have over 20 years operational and relevant experience at a senior level.

Many of our staff are still operationally active, thus making them experts in their niche ‘craft’. It is this continued on-going Operational experience, that keeps our course content ahead of other providers in this ever evolving world.

CROPS® Consultancy Services:

Bespoke Course Development – We can assist in the development of any Bespoke Training Programme, tailored and highly customised to the client’s specifications. We will provide a personalised solution that fits seamlessly within the required time frame ensuring the client can maximise its use’ and the ability to operate in the working environment.

Product Development – CROPS® Tactical works constantly to expand the capabilities and performance by integrating the latest technologies into its products via Research, Design, Development, Production, and Customer Support of the company’s extensive range of Technical Equipment, Light Weight Concealments systems and Tactical Clothing.

Project Management – Working with our clients to achieve their project objectives, we are able to share and provide technical knowledge and expertise, carry out planning, manage schedules and timelines. We identify and manage risk, implement changes throughout the process and report regularly to the client.

CROPS® Customer Support & The Future:

As a growing business we are always identifying new Products and Training Solutions, by enhancing the dynamics of the business and understand our client’s requirements.

Our Company is continually developing its Support Services and Advanced Solutions in line with customer needs. Our aim is to optimise the delivery of our Training, Technical and Product information. This improves communication with customers and achieves the highest standards of support throughout our Service Centre Network.

We continue to improve existing Services and Products which contribute to the sustainability of the business, always innovating and exploring the development of new Services, new inputs into production and new methods of producing our services.

Divisions within CROPS® Surveillance Training Company

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Urban Hide Concepts:

We fully understand what our end-user clients require when conducting covert static operations, our concepts are developed by the operator for the operator. This division works constantly to expand the capabilities and performance by integrating the latest technologies into its products.

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CROPS® Tactical:

Manufacturer, stockist and distributor of modern tactical specialist clothing, technical equipment, light weight rapid deployable concealments kits for Defence, Law Enforcement and Government agency applications.

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‘The UK’s Premier Surveillance Training Company’

Specialists in Close Reconnaissance, Intelligence Gathering and Covert Surveillance

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