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‘Tailored covert surveillance training packages anywhere in the world’

About CROPS surveillance:

Since 2011 CROPS has concentrated on the development, and delivery of the most comprehensive tactical and commercial covert surveillance training packages, as an innovative company our training syllabus is unique to today’s operational methods and techniques.

CROPS will only utilise the unique skills of former Military, Police and Government personnel from specialist back grounds in reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering. As experts in their fields, having honed these ‘crafts’ in operational conditions within hostile theatres throughout the world, individually having over 20 years of operational experience at senior level, this is a part of our strict employment policy.

Global reach: As a company with ‘proven’ global capabilities, our special projects training team are totally self-reliant and fully equipped to deploy on any covert surveillance training task at short notice if required. We will deliver the results you expect.

Expanding our candidate’s capabilities in both intelligent thinking and practical physical abilities, far past that of any other provider. Have confidence that to us this is not just a job, but a life style.

Covert surveillance training consultancy:

This is delivered by our experienced and motivated members of staff, who themselves are still operationally active, conducting hundreds of hours of live surveillance, and reconnaissance instructions each month, making them experts in their niche fields, and it’s this on-going operational experience that keeps them ahead of this every evolving world we live in.

Tactical training: We are committed in providing this service to Defence, Law-Enforcement and Government agencies only. As a discreet, and professional company specialising in ‘small teams tactics’ within semi, and high risk non-permissive environments within remote locations, we teach conventional, and non-conventional tactics within the surveillance, reconnaissance and the intelligence gathering spectrum.

Commercial training: As a selected provider to the Ministry of Defence, enhances learning credit scheme [ELCAS], we run a number of nationally accredited courses of which hold level 4 qualifications. These courses are specifically designed for the commercial surveillance arena, we have re-addressed the current practices to ensure they are within the legal parameters of this ever growing private industry.

 Rural Covert Surveillance Training

The definitive tradecraft manual for rural surveillance operators. An essential guide for:

Specialist Military Units

Police CROPS Teams

Government Agencies

Private Surveillance Teams

Covert Rural Surveillance manual available from Crops

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