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CROPS is the foremost surveillance company specialising in Covert Surveillance Training, Operations & Concealed Camera Placements


CROPS was the first surveillance training provider in the United Kingdom to be OFQUAL approved, we are setting the standards in this arena.

Our approval is testimony to our professionalism and drive as a ‘new generation of surveillance training providers’ offering rural and urban surveillance courses, this also including specialist associated skills training.

Dedicated in delivering enhanced and comprehensive courses which hold OFQUAL and nationally accredited Level 4 civilian qualifications.

Our training syllabus is the most current to today’s operational techniques and methods, delivered by our experienced and motivated instructors.

What gives us the edge over the rest is that by operating a rotation system amongst our teams, consisting of one month’s live surveillance operations which roll’s onto one month’s training. Because of this system our students are continuously benefiting from their instructors current operational knowledge gained while conducting over 250hrs of live surveillance in that operational month.

We are highly mobile and can produce a tailored bespoke training package to meet your requirements anywhere in the world.


CROPS is the foremost surveillance company in the United Kingdom specialising in Covert Surveillance and Concealed Camera Placements. Over the years as our reputation has grown, so has are area of operations.

Utilising the unique skills of former Military and Police with specific back grounds in reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering, having honed these skills in operational and hostile theatres throughout the world. Our surveillance teams are totally self-reliant and fully equipped to deploy on any task at short notice.

Our clients include Government agencies and the corporate, insurance, and business sectors where these unique skills coupled with our state-of-the-art evidence standard video recording systems enable us to deliver the very best results.

CROPS always provide a confidential, discreet and professional service to our clients, and we are proud of our reputation as a company who succeed where others have failed. No instruction is too difficult or daunting, regardless of the territory, weather or terrain.

Next Months Skills Training Courses

5 day -betec level 3 Covert rural surveillance course at Crops training school

Level 4 Rural Surveillance

December 11th – 17th 2017

Course Details

Crops Covert Surveillance Training & Operations Level 4 urban surveillance course at training school

Level 4 Urban Surveillance

December 4th – 10th 2017

Course Details

Crops Tactical Photography training course

Static Platforms

November 27th – 29th 2017

Course Details


The Definitive Surveillance Manual

Ben Walls Covert rural surveillance manual

Covert Rural Surveillance

The definitive tradecraft manual for rural surveillance operators, written by British Army reconnaissance specialist Ben Wall.

An essential guide for

  • Specialist Military Units.
  • Police CROPS Teams.
  • Government Agencies.
  • Private Surveillance Teams.

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Technical GPS Mobile Tracking course

Technical GPS Mobile Tracking

2 Day Technical Course

3 Day IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators

Professional Investigators

3 Day IQ Level 3 Award Course

10 Day- BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Covert Rural Surveillance Management

10 Day BTEC Level 4 Professional Award

10 Day- BTEC Level 4 Professional Award

2 Day Tactical Photography Skills Course

Tactical Photography Skills

2 Day Tactical Photography Skills:

7 Day IQ Level 4 Award in Covert Urban Surveillance Operations

7 day BTEC level 4 Covert Surveillance

Covert Urban Surveillance Operations

5 day betac level 3

5 Day BTEC Level 3 Advance Award

Edexcel course in Covert Rural Surveillance

3 Day Static Observation Platforms

Static Observation Platforms

3 day course

Covert Camera Construction & Deployment

Covert Camera Construction & Deployment

5 Days BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award