Close Range Covert Camera Placement Training Course – CRCCp

Close Range Covert Camera Placement Training Course – CRCCp – 5 day Duration .

Close-Range Covert Camera Placement Training Course – CRCCp

Course Aim & Concept:

The aim of the CRCC course is to enhance the skill set of individuals and small specialist teams who regularly deploy technical camera systems in order to gather video evidence, or as a live technical stream acting as a trigger.

The CRCCp concentrates on proven deployment techniques required when having to conceal any camera system close to, or even on the target location.

Delegates attending this course will be introduced to a variety of lens types, from extreme wide-angle, through the medium focal range and finishing with discreet powerful telephoto lenses.

Delegates are instructed, practised and rehearsed in the fundamentals of the placement, reconnaissance and integration of technical elements in the natural environment and conduct of the actual camera placement.

Learning Out Comes:

To ensure that delegates leave with a full tactical understanding of ‘best practise’ when sighting and integrating a camera system into the natural environment and they retain the knowledge to manage ground-sign in order to safe-guard the deployment site.

Course Administration:

To safe guard our tactical training practises and that of the information delivered to our clients, we do not openly disclose full course content.

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Restricted to Defence, Law-Enforcement & Government only.

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