Close Static Observation Platforms Training Course (CSOp)

“The Close Static Observation Platforms Training Course has a 5 Day Duration with bolt-on options”

Subjects Covered

Working in isolated locations and defendable space
Third party threats and detection
Understanding the targets magic box
Equipment carriage and adapting to task
Work spaces roof / room / crawl holes
Operating in disused / domestic / commercial buildings
Conduct on task and security measures
Life line drills and counter compromise

  • Urban dead ground and proving line of sight
  • Deliberate and non-deliberate occupation
  • Insertion and extraction methods
  • Types of rapid and semi-permanent urban hide constructions
  • Window box hide deployment
  • 2D / 3D Screens hide deployment
  • Self-supporting drop deployment
  • Tactical door drop deployment
  • Rapid vehicle hide deployment

Close Static Observation Platforms Training Course Concept:

CROPS® specialise in teaching small, unique teams how to operate in high risk semi, and non-permissive environments within dense urban locations.

Teaching conventional, and non-conventional tactics within the surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence spectrum.

Almost every operation is triggered after a period of static surveillance, be this a quick search for conformation, or a long drawn out period of static observation conducted by an organic team deployment in a covert manor to gather mission critical intelligence. The ‘fix’ is always key to the ‘strike’.

Our 5 day ‘CSOp’ course is very demanding, both physically and mentally. Delegates attending should be selected with the correct aptitude for task.

The aim of our ‘CSOp’ course is to instruct delegates on safe tactical practises required for all static observations within semi-permissive populated locations, be this to gather intelligence, trigger a kinetic strike, or to monitor a targets pattern of life.


Close Static Observation Platforms Training Course Delivery:

Delegates attending will be introduced to our proven techniques and equipment that has been designed and developed ‘in-house’ after many years of operational deployments, our experience has led to the manufacture of specialist hide systems which delegates will be fully trained on throughout the course.

Concentrating of both static observation from within buildings, and the deployment of rapid low consumption vehicle hides that can be adapted to suit the mission in hand.

This course is delivered with classroom sessions where Delegates learn and understand the theoretical aspect when operating from a concealed urban location. From there we move into the field and conduct several live hide deployments, these are rehearsed throughout the day and then deployed at night under real-time conditions.

Close Static Observation Platforms Training Administration:

Supporting Materials:

  • Topic / Skills handouts
  • Quick guide crib cards
  • Operational templates
  • Risk assessment overviews

If you require more information on the Close Static Observation Platforms Training Course, please contact the training wing.

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