Covert Sensor Placement Course – CSp

Covert Sensor Placement Course – CSp 5 Day Duration.

Covert Sensor Placement Course – CSp

Course Aim & Concept:

The aim of the CSp course is to instruct on the safe deployment of technical tamper, and alerting systems. This could be to act as security on other deployed technical devices, or to trigger wanted or unwanted movement where an ‘organic’ trigger observer isn’t feasible due to the environment.

Why the requirement? Man-power, time constraints and high risk of compromise are all reasons for the deployment of alerting sensors, these lasting many weeks on the ground making them admin friendly which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and compromise from operators on the ground.

Learning Out Comes:

To ensure that delegates leave with a full tactical understanding of ‘best practise’ when deploying alerting sensors, operationally confident in the knowledge of their strengths and limitations to the overall mission.

CSp Administration:

To safe guard our tactical training practises and that of the information delivered to our clients, we do not openly disclose full course content.

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Restricted to Defence, Law-Enforcement & Government only.

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