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“CROPS® training Facility is set within 350 acres of private and secluded countryside”

Our lead training facility is based in the United Kingdom, set within 350 acres of private and secluded countryside, It’s at this location we conduct our ‘craft’ away from the general public. We fully understand first-hand the discreet nature of work our clients undertake in their daily operational roles, which is why it is so important to be able to offer this assured privacy.

The CROPS® training facility itself is a combination of converted stables, open and rolling countryside, dense woodlands, various water courses, out-buildings and an array of roads and tracks. Having carefully zoned these areas to create a number of realistic training environments, we can conduct ‘real time’ exercise scenarios throughout the course.

We have a dedicated outdoor classroom where tactical practise takes place, set up similar to a jungle style teaching area, a large parachute canopy offers Delegates shelter from the elements

In conjunction to our main facility we utilise 3000 acres of private outdoor training ground across three sites. Here conformation, and final exercises are conducted in a sterile location unfamiliar to the training Delegates .

Crops surveillance UK training facility rural location
Crops surveillance UK training facility wing
Crops surveillance UK training facility Outside Training Department

As Delegates walk through the door they come face to face with our large display area, this highlighting our dedication in providing a professional training environment. With a large power point classroom where all course theoretical subject matter is delivered, the classroom walls contain training materials and topical knowledge covering a full spectrum.

Crops surveillance UK training facility Training room 1
Crops surveillance UK training facility Stores
Crops surveillance UK training facility Training room 2

CROPS® Training Facility Equipment: We have invested heavily in our training stores, spending thousands of pounds ensuring you are equipped with everything you need while training with us. It’s our aim to make your training experience unforgettable.

If opting to take one of our ‘urban blue’ skills courses you will be issued everything from covert body-worn & car fit radio systems, covert & handheld video cameras, GPRS tracking devices, vehicle and building hide construction kits, high quality still-imagery equipment.

While our ‘rural green’ skills courses will be issued everything required to establish a concealed static observation post, here large powerful tele-photo still imagery equipment, video cameras, powerful optics, rural hide construction kits, ground sensors, ghillie suits, personal role radios, long range radios and more will ready on your arrival.

For our tactical community, issuing of elements that make your training environment more realistic to your everyday role is considered. Here the issue of personal weapons, belt-rigs, helmets and technical surveillance aids are at hand. Along with these basic items, should you have opted for one of our more sensitive courses, we will provide you with all the required elements, ensuring the best results.

Crops surveillance UK training facility equipment used in training comunications
Crops surveillance UK training facility equipment used in training
Crops surveillance UK training facility equipment used in training firepower

Accommodation: Delegates accommodation is external from the CROPS® training facility grounds. However we are more than happy to arrange this on your behalf, but be mindful of availability if booking close to a course start date.

Overseas training platforms: CROPS® training team has a realistic and proven global capability, and can deliver a tailored package anywhere in the world. We do have training facilities in America and Europe, should you require further information on these locations, please contact us.

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