Long Range Covert Camera Placement Course – LRCCp

Long Range Covert Camera Placement Course – 5 day duration.

Long Range Covert Camera Placement Course – LRCCp

Course Aim & Concept:

The aim of the Long-Range Camera course is to expand the delegate’s tactical knowledge when deploying technical electro-optical equipment.

Modern operational theatres can be complexed due to geographical restraints, meaning discreet and at times totally covert cross border observations are a real requirement. When having to operator covertly and safely within non-permissive environments where getting close would cause cross-contamination and possible compromise, large volume technical optics with greater capabilities at distances are now required.

Unlike the CR-CCPt course where smaller devices are concealed close to the target, here in this situation much larger equipment is required which means the concealment of such large devices can be tricky. The aim of this training is to demonstrate and rehearse how to safely conceal these large volume cameras with extremely little disturbance to the ground, this safe guarding the equipment and operator tactical practises.

This course will explain, demonstrate and allow delegates to practise the deployment of large volume camera systems covertly without compromising themselves and the system.

Learning Out Comes:

To ensure that delegates leave with a full tactical understanding of ‘best practise’ when sighting a large volume system and they retain the knowledge to manage ground-sign in order to safe guard the deployment site.

LRCCp Administration:

To safe guard our tactical training practises and that of the information delivered to our clients, we do not openly disclose full course content.

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