Long Range Surveillance Patrols Training Course (LRSP) – Restricted

“Long Range Surveillance Patrols Training Course of 15 Days Duration with bolt-on options”

Subjects Covered:

  • Planning and preparation of a small team deployment
  • Intelligent ground preparation and Cross Boarder Operations
  • Equipment carriage and adapting to task
  • Covert methods of insertion and extraction conduct anti-surveillance
  • Counter Compromise and Life Line Drills in semi / non permissive locations
  • Patrol skills 1 (concealed movement, natural / technical obstacles)
  • Patrol skills 2 (contact drills)
  • Patrol skills 3 (medical stability within the team)
  • Personal and team concealment methods
  • Rural hide construction (basic / advance methods)
  • Blue – Green – Blue environment transition drills
  • Surveillance imagery (day and low-light)
  • Recce 1 (Close target reconnaissance)
  • Recce 2 (Vulnerability studies, mapping and Penetration)
  • Recce 3 (Advance target reconnaissance)
  • Deployment of technical triggering devices
  • Conduct in a populated environment
  • Hasty urban hide construction

Long Range Surveillance Patrols Training  Course Concept:

CROPS® specialise in teaching small, unique teams how to operate in high risk semi and non-permissive environments within remote rural locations. Teaching conventional and non-conventional tactics within the surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence spectrum.

Small teams often work deep in hostile territory, sometimes without a safety net or other supporting agencies. The team needs to ‘become invisible’ and get off the grid from the intended target, and staying below the civilian radar while conducting the mission is critical.

The CROPS® Long Range Surveillance Patrols Training Course (LRSP course) has been specifically designed as a package, to be delivered to small operational teams. Most of the techniques taught on this course have been in-house developed and adapted from doctrine over many years of operating single handed with no support across the world.

We operate under all civilian radars, the skills and knowledge past on during this course syllabus, will open the eyes of all Delegates participating, to how advanced a small highly trained team can operate.

This is a very demanding course, both physically and mentally. Delegates attending should be selected at unit level and with the correct aptitude for task.

Our Training Aims:

To provide course Delegates with practical knowledge, and new skills when operating in in small teams with minimal to no supporting agencies.

In the ideal world conducting high risk operations with huge supporting assists is great, but we always assess the situation. The more moving parts on the ground, the higher risk of a compromise taking place in situations. Our training aim, is to instruct safe tactical methods when conducting clandestine activities as small, self-reliant teams.

Long Range Surveillance Patrols Training Course Delivery:

Over the fifteen day period, Delegates on the Long Range Surveillance Patrols Training Course will progress through small team patrol skills within a remote environment, these skills giving a solid platform and understanding in this discipline.

Once competency is shown, the training escalates into more intense realistic training scenarios close to, and within the public domain. Delegates are expected to operate safely under the civilian radar while conducting their mission scenarios.

Long Range Surveillance Patrols Training Course Administration:

Supporting Materials:

  • Topic / Skills handouts
  • Quick guide crib cards
  • Operational templates
  • Risk assessment overviews

If you require more information about the Long Range Surveillance Patrols Training Course, please contact the training wing.

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