Remote Environment Patrols Medic Course – REPMc

Remote Environment Patrols Medic Course – 20 days (Four 5 day consecutive phases).

Remote Environment Patrols Medic Course – REPMc

Course Aim & Concept:

The aim of the Patrol Medic’s course is that it’s been designed as a progressive learning platform, conducted in four 5-day phases.

Delegates undertaking this course will be taught how to identify basic symptoms and illness within the human body, to performing actual lifesaving surgical procedures required to stabilise the casualty until arrival at a fully functional medical facility.

This Patrols Medics course is ideally aimed at small teams operating at long distances from main supporting elements, the ability to save lives at distance and in remote environments is an essential skill.

Our medical team have decades of operational experience in this field, having developed and honed their skills in theatres from across the world. Our trainers continue to have an operational role offering support and lifesaving treatment, it’s this that keeps them current and at the top of their discipline.

Learning Out Comes:

To ensure that delegates leave with the knowledge required to triage, manage and control medical situations up to catastrophic injuries, to then stabilise and promote recovery until the casualty reaches and receives hospital treatment.

REPMc Administration:

To safe guard our tactical training practises and that of the information delivered to our clients, we do not openly disclose full course content.

Please contact us to request full course content.


Restricted to Defence, Law-Enforcement & Government only.

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