Rural Surveillance Training Manual – CROPS®

“Rural surveillance training manual – CROPS® for the professional operator ”

CROPS® Covert Rural Surveillance training manual is the definitive tradecraft handbook dedicated to modern military and commercial techniques used for covert rural surveillance tactical operations.

The rural environment is by far the most challenging, requiring the utmost of personal discipline. With the aid of the surveillance training manual, your operations will be successful every time. The content of this manual has been taken directly from the author’s CROPS® Covert Rural Surveillance Course, and forms the basic foundation to the full syllabus.

With over 560 pages, in excess of 1500 colour images and diagrams, it offers unrivaled insight and quality to this unique subject. This manual has been designed, to enable the reader to carry it under the ‘top flap’ of their CROPS® Bergen for immediate reference should it be required.

CROPS® Covert Rural Surveillance training manual is a highly recommended tradecraft manual, having sold over 4 thousand copies worldwide, and is currently been used by specialist units as their comprehensive training guide, and course creation platform.


♦This rural surveillance training manual is a must for anyone involved in the surveillance industry (obviously) but it certainly goes far beyond the subject and gives in depth, practical yet easy to understand knowledge of tactical and practical techniques for anyone from birdwatchers and hunters to soldiers looking to pass a reconnaissance course.

♦The author certainly is a subject matter expert on the subject yet has the skill to teach in the basic laymen terms that all students appreciate. The images and diagrams add to this and give the reader a clear and concise understand of the material making it a benchmark in the industry.

♦In summary I would say that this is a ‘must have’ guide for anyone involved in the PI/Surveillance industries and if you have any role, beyond surveillance, that requires even a basic level of field craft then you will find this book more than useful.

♦I have been waiting for a book like this for years. I found this manual an excellent insight into the world of covert rural surveillance. I have almost all the books available on this subject and found this one bar far the best.

♦I have been operating in this type of industry for many years and found the CROPS rural surveillance training manual not only covered everything in a easy to learn like manner, but also added extra invaluable knowledge to my surveillance skill set.

♦I could tell that the author has got an extensive military background and this shows in his writing, in which he offers insider knowledge which otherwise could only be gained during active service in the armed forces in a clear and concise manner that is easily understood by any level of operator.

♦The pictures in this manual are also of a very high standard and show every aspect of the lessons and drills being taught.

♦I highly recommend this book to anyone in the industry or even if you have just got an interest in this type of craft, excellent read and one that I will keep referring to for a long time.

♦This is the most professional, and detailed book on surveillance that I have come across. It is filled with step by step breakdowns of the skills, and tactics that should be used to conduct a successful surveillance operation in a rural environment.

♦The covert rural surveillance training manual is filled with easy to understand diagrams, photos, and breakdowns of important concepts so even the novice won’t be lost. Each chapter covers a different section of rural surveillance and I didn’t find a single one lacking.

♦This book looks great and the contents do not disappoint, even for someone like me who just has an interest in the subject rather than being in the profession. This is certainly not a dry and dusty manual, the photos and diagrams are high quality and informative, they complement the text which goes into great detail and makes the subject matter even more interesting.

♦I would highly recommend this book to anyone from those that just have an interest in the subject to those who think they know it all!

♦Good reference guide for a previously trained operator.

Rural Surveillance Training Manual Subjects covered:

Introduction to Surveillance
Planning & Preparation
Clothing & Equipment
Rural Communications
Land Navigation
Field Craft
Patrol Skills
Rural Hide Construction
Logging & Reporting
Triggers (static follow)
Sketch Maps
Panoramic Sketching
Observation Skills & Search
Close Target Reconnaissance
Methods of Resupply
Digital Still & Video Imagery
Deployment of Covert Camera Systems
Listening Systems
Urban Hide Construction
Winter Operations
legal Issues (uk)

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