Special Projects Wing

“CROPS® special projects wing will design a course that fits your requirements”

Here at CROPS®, we pride ourselves in being a company that can not only meet its client’s specialist training needs, but excel far past their expectations.

Our special projects wing are highly trained, motivated and proactive individuals with decades of operational experience gained from across the world. Highly mobile with global reach and able to deploy at short notice if required. CROPS® training courses can be tailored to fit with the end users requirements and solutions.

CROPS® has a proven capability of carrying out Special Project training for small teams operating in remote and at times hostile environments. These projects can and do require us to assist our clients in their work for sustained periods, in some cases many years.

In the past, we have carried out Special Projects for a number of Military, Law-Enforcement, Public Organisations and Governments.

All projects are conducted in the strictest of confidence, as an initiative company our specialist skills and operational services are offered after a period of consultations, we will then create a realistic path to achieve your requirements staying within your budget.

CROPS® special projects wing extends its capabilities to the design, development and manufacture of bespoke products required to support operational units across the world, to date we have developed a number of specialist camouflage prints for deployment in difficult environments, fit-for-purpose optical platforms and bespoke urban hide concepts for rapid deployment to mention a few.

The Special Projects Wing:

CROPS® provides these services to Military, Law-Enforcement and Government agencies only. Specialising in the following areas:

  • Specific tactical training and consultancy for operational tasks
  • Trials and Evaluation of technical equipment and clothing
  • Bespoke Surveillance Applications and Product Development
  • CMoE & Penetration testing
  • One 2 One training sessions

‘Setting The Standards In Covert Training’

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