Surveillance Detection Training Course – SV-Dc

Surveillance Detection Training Course SV-Dc – Duration 5 days.

Surveillance Detection Training Course

Course Aim & Concept:

The aim of the Surveillance Detection course is for those whose primary activity is within a ‘Protective Surveillance Role’. Delegates attending will be instructed on how to identify a threat, then follow procedures used to protect their principal and themselves against conventional and modern sophisticated threats, via none-alarming and aggressive Anti and Counter Surveillance techniques.

If an attacking team have been identified, managing the situation now is critical. Your movements and general pattern of life has been compromised, intelligence against your principle has been gathered, the next action against you will be a physical attack or kidnap.

Delegates will be instructed, rehearsed and practised as a team on how to act accordingly, be this going to ground, locking down in a safe haven or extracting aggressively from the area.

Learning Out Comes:

To ensure that delegates leave with a full working knowledge of planning and implementing counter-surveillance routes, and should a threat be detected they are confident in controlling anti-surveillance drills and situation management in order to safe guard the principles extraction.

SDTc Administration:

To safe guard our tactical training practises and that of the information delivered to our clients, we do not openly disclose full course content.

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Restricted to Defence, Law-Enforcement, Government and civilian diplomatic protection teams only.

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