Surveillance Detection Training (SV-D) Restricted

“The Surveillance Detection Training Course is of 5 Days Duration with bolt-on options”

Subjects Covered:

  • Understanding the threat cycle
  • Intelligent ground preparation
  • Attacker profiling
  • The unseen threat
  • Anti-surveillance (foot & mobile)
  • Anti-surveillance (non-alarming & aggressive drills)
  • Counter-surveillance (foot & mobile)
  • Counter-surveillance (non-alarming & aggressive drills)
  • Technical counter-measures
  • Counter compromise drills
  • Life line drills when evading an attack
  • Going to ground & Safe havens

We highly recommend that candidates have a good working knowledge and understanding in conventional foot and mobile surveillance techniques, before attending this course.

Surveillance Detection Training Course Concept:

The CROPS® Surveillance Detection Training course has been designed to teach Delegates whose primary activity is within a ‘protective surveillance’ role, how to identify a threat and operating procedures used when protecting their Principal and themselves against conventional and modern sophisticated threats through non-alarming and aggressive anti and counter surveillance techniques.

Counter surveillance is the most important part of any protective surveillance, once the threat has been identified the team can act accordingly, be this to go to ground in a ‘safe haven’ or extract aggressively from the area. If an attacking team is observing your movements and general pattern of life, they are doing this to gather intelligence prior to carrying out a physical attack or kidnap.

This is a very demanding course, both physically and mentally. Delegates attending should be selected at unit level and with the correct aptitude for task.

Our Training Aims:

On this course Delegates will learn how to detect the presence of an attacking team, should your Principal be under surveillance. Delegates will be instructed how to identify choke points, danger areas and how to avoid them, while drawing the attacking team out into the open via laying traps to confirm your suspicions. Once confirmed, candidates will implement counter surveillance routes gathering intelligence covertly on the attacking team.

The instructors have many years’ experience in these methods of operations, having honed their skills in hostile environments across the world. They are still very much operational which with the continued deployments mean that they are ahead of their game.

Surveillance Detection Training Course Delivery:

This course has currently been delivered, and greatly received by Diplomatic protection teams and Specialist Military Units both foreign and domestic.

Surveillance Detection Training Course Administration:

Supporting Materials:
  • Topic / Skills handouts
  • Quick guide crib cards
  • Operational templates
  • Risk assessment overviews
Course Bolt on Modules:
Maximum Candidates & Duration:
  • Six (unless on special request)
  • 5 Days

If you require more information about the Surveillance Detection Training course, please contact the training wing.

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