Small Teams Tactical Training

“Tactical training when in doubt, develop the situation”

CROPS® has an extensive course portfolio covering a wide range of covert practises which are delivered to Defence, Law-Enforcement and Government agencies only, over the years as our reputation of excellence has grown, so has our ability to deliver our services to a global cliental.

Historically, CROPS® tactical practises have been developed over many years of small team operations within complexed environments, it’s this solid underpinning of real-time knowledge and experience which makes our instructors experts in their fields.

As a highly mobile training company our entire course portfolio can extend globally as bespoke projects that meet potential and current client requirements.

Although displaying an extensive portfolio of set course titles, CROPS® can design and blend bespoke training packages from multiple subjects, ensuring our services are highly flexible and accommodating to the more complexed, operational readiness training demands of our clients.

Please Note: To protect our current clients and the tactical training practises we have delivered to them, we do not openly disclose all of our course content. Should you require a full course information pack, please contact us and we will be more than happy to send this digitally

CROPS® Tactical Training Courses

Rural Operators Surveillance Course - ROSc at Crops Training School
Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols Course - LRRP At Crops Training School
Remote Environment Patrols Medic Course - REPMc at Crops training school link
Close-Range Covert Camera Placement Course - CRCCp Crops Training School
Long-Range Covert Camera Placement Course - LRCCp at Crops Training School
Covert Sensor Placement Course - CSp at Crops Training School
Close Target Reconnaissance Course - CTRc at Crops Training School
Advanced Target Reconnaissance Course - ATRc at Crops Training School
Detailed Target Reconnaissance Course at Crops training school
Covert Rural Observation Post Course - CROPs training school
Tactical Photography Training Course - TPTc at Crops Training School
Covert Urban Observation Post Course - CUOPs at Crops Training School
Urban Operators Surveillance Training Course at Crops Training School
Advance Urban Operators Surveillance Course - AUOSc at Crops Training school
Hostile Operators Surveillance Training Course - HOSTc at Crops Training School
Surveillance Detection Course - SVDc at Crops Training School
Lone Operator Close Combat Course - LOCC at Crops Training School
Technical Beacon Deployment Course - TBDc trainingg course at Crops training school
Covert Method of Entry Training Courses - CMoEc at Crops Training School
Commercial Off The Shelf - COTS training school at Crops
One – 2 – One Training Sessions at Crops Training School

‘Setting The Standards In Covert Training’

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