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“Train the Trainer to develop evolving skills”

To date, CROPS® have been involved in the development, delivery and mentoring of specialist training courses to a number of Military and Law-Enforcement departments.

This has taken us across the world as we continually support those projects, some of which are long term lasting many years.

In today’s training environment, it makes sense to enlist the services of private companies such as CROPS®, to deliver this training at a personal and discreet level. We would never discuss our Train the Trainer projects with another source, this ensures your training remains bespoke to you.

The aim of this programme is to provide dedicated training teams and individuals with the skills, knowledge, competence and confidence to become effective trainers and in turn improve the value of the programmes delivered.

Throughout the process of our Train the Trainer course design CROPS® will work closely with you the client ensuring a cost-effective plan is created safe guarding that quality is never lost.

Each course is individually designed and tailored to meet the instructional objectives of the client, encompassing a range of teaching methodologies, the course will provide a foundation in the essential skills and techniques, which are crucial for you when dealing with trainees, as a trainer, delivering training within this sensitive environment.

Using our highly respected and professional training instructors CROPS® can deliver high quality and practical based training, bringing first-hand experience drawn from Military, Police and Government Agencies bringing the operational experience to the training environment, adding significant value to the clients learning experience.

CROPS® can deliver and facilitate e-Learning, blended learning or in-person learning

On-Line Blended Learning:
This blend is generally a mix of e-Learning, classroom exercises, coaching and job-like applications, used to effectively reach a globally audience.

CROPS® provide High Quality, Professional Training and Consultancy Services. We are passionate about delivering high quality services and making a real difference, helping clients and organisations in the development of their Capabilities, Procedures and Training, in turn leading to greater effectiveness and efficiencies.

CROPS® believe that each of our clients are unique, they provide us with new challenges, in order to better understand our customers’ problems, or Training requirement our consultants and trainers work closely with our clients, this enables us to define an efficient and sustainable solution.

If this is of interest to your organisation and you would like to discuss this in finer detail, please contact us.


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